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3 common traits


  1. Loss of Control:  Person cannot predict what will happen when he or she uses substance.

  2. Compulsive Preoccupation:  Person thinks about substance a great deal of time.

  3. Continues Use Despite Negative Consequence: The drug or alcohol causes problems but user keeps using.  Person has voluntary control of the use of the substance.

A nonuser has troubles understanding why people who already are addicted have problems quitting.  It’s because in the beginning the user was voluntary knowing  that the drugs or alcohol affected the brain the person has become more dependant on the substance she/he uses.  This leaves a person with compulsive and even uncontrollable drug use.

Signs of Addiction


  1. Taking drugs to relax, feel better about one self, or just to fit in.

  2.  Using drugs or alcohol when alone.

  3.  Forgetting things while using the drug or alcohol.

  4. Family and friends asking you to slow down.

  5. In trouble while using the drugs or alcohol.

  6. Repeatedly jumping in a car with someone who is using.

There are a many different kinds of addiction, such as:  Gambling, Eating, Sleeping, Sex, Internet, Work, Video Games, Etc… This results in the twelve step program being used for more than just alcohol. Now all kinds of addictions use there own twelve step program.

What You Should Know


There are two types of addictions believe it or not…….

  1. Physiological: Person becomes dependant on the drug. Person gets symptoms of withdrawal.  Withdrawal causes symptoms such as Rapid heart rate, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach pains.  Tolerance is often seen in long term addiction.  Tolerance is the bodies need for the drug or high so they can reach their relaxation stage.  It does not matter what substance it is

  2. Psychological:  The person may or may not be physically addicted to a substance but craves the source.  Which maybe substance or behavior in order to decrease severe anxiety and stress.  Physcological addiction includes sexual addiction, gambling, internet, addicted to computer games, and or substances such as drugs or alcohol.  

There is a chance if a person or young adult is able to reach the age of 21 without drug use he/she may never get addicted to them. This is something to think about.   


Types of Addictions


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