Cancer Among First Nations

Did you know that cancer is actually developed from damage to the DNA, sometimes when the DNA is damaged the body is able to fix it. Also Damage to the environment is usually what causes damage to the DNA.
Some cancers form as tumors; some cancers like leukemia don’t form any kind of tumors. Leukemia is actually more involved with the blood and blood-formed organs it also circulates through other tissues.

Symptoms and Signs of Cancer

Cancer is a group of diseases that may cause almost any sign or symptom.  The signs and symptoms of cancer may vary depending on the size of the cancer and were the cancer forms itself, also how it affects the nearby organs and structures.  If a cancer is to spread it is called Metastasizes, the symptoms then may appear in different parts of the body.

Cancer is a form of many cells locking together creating tumors. These cells can either be malignant or non-malignant.
Many cancers can be prevented.

Uncontrolled growth (tumors) in the body.

Benign-usually removed by surgery, is non-cancerous.

Malignant-tumors spread cancer cells to other parts of the body and are therefore harder, or sometimes impossible, to treat.

The term cancer is used only for malignant tumors.

Some cancers can take years to show up.

Smoking: up to 15 years to show.
Radiation: severe sunburn can lead up to skin cancer.
Aging: more common in people over 60.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, followed by lung cancer and large bowel cancer.
Lung cancer is the most common cancer among men, followed by prostate cancer and large bowel cancer.
Life expectancy on average across Canada is about nine years less than other people. And has a lot to do with poor economic and social circumstances that First Nations communities often find themselves in.
Overall, people are living longer than they did 100, or even 50, years ago. Fewer people have died from accidents, suicide, violence, drug and alcohol overdoses. But because people tend to live longer, they are now dying from other causes, and often it is cancer. Many elders have noticed that more First Nations people are dying from cancer.





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