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This three year project aims to evaluate the design and implementation of Community Learning Centres (CLC) in four communities located in the traditional territory of the Ktunaxa Nation in Southeastern BC. A CLC is an innovative model of delivering healthcare and health information based firmly on the idea of community engagement. The aim of the project is to develop the KCLCs to contain community-specific health information, evaluate how the KCLCs are implemented in a community, understand how community members engage with the KCLCs, and see how effective KCLCs are in promoting community health in the First Nations context. The Ktunaxa Community Learning Centres (KCLC) initiative aims to create centres where residents and health professionals can access health resources through the use of information and communication technologies (ICT). A KCLC is a gathering space for the community, housing Internet-linked computers accessible to all community members free of charge. It is a resource for residents and health professionals to access web-based resources relevant to community defined health needs and priorities.





Lyndsay Phillip

Evaluation Lead
Ph. 250.341.6030


James White

Technical Lead

Ph. 250.688.0417


Brandy Joe

Evaluation Lead

PH. 250.342.7109



?akisqnuk Community Learning Centre

3050 Hwy 93/95

Windermere, BC. V0B 2L2



Sandra Jarvis-Selinger

Nominated Principal Investigator, Assistant Professor, UBC eHealth Strategy Office, sandra.js@ubc.ca, 604.875.4111, ext. 69132

Kendall Ho

Principal Investigator, Director, UBC eHealth Strategy Office, eHealth.assistant@exchange.ubc.ca, 604.875.4111, ext. 69153

Helen Novak Lauscher

Principal Investigator, Research Director, UBC eHealth Strategy Office,helen.nl@ubc.ca, 604.875.4111, ext. 69127

Don Maki

Principle Investigator, Director of Traditional Knowledge and Language, Ktunaxa Nation Council, dmaki@ktunaxa.org, 250.417.4001

Yolanda Liman

Project Coordinator, UBC eHealth Strategy Office, yolanda.l@ubc.ca, 604.875.4111, ext. 69141

Katherine Wisener

Researcher, UBC eHealth Strategy Office, katherine.w@ubc.ca, 604.875.4111, ext. 69145


?aqam Learning Centre

Ashley Casimer

Aqam Community Learning Centre Evaluation Lead and Learning centre co-ordinator, acasimer@aqam.net, phone. 1.250.489.2464 ext.3078

Nigel Warden

Aqam Community Learning Centre Technical Lead, nwarden@aqam.net, phone. 1.250.489.2464 ext.3078

Lower Kootenay

Lisa Jimmy

Yaqan Nuqiy Community Learning Centre Evaluation Lead, lie-zah3@hotmail.com, phone. 1.250.428.5846

Tobacco Plains








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