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One of the Ktunaxa Community Learning Centres...


The Community Learning Centre was located in the Akisqnuk First Nation building, basement. The Centre was funded by the Canadian Institute for Health Research (CIHR).  The ?akisqnuk Community Learning Centre began operations in September of 2007. First all the computers to be used by the Centre were prepared. Because these computers did not have the current software and hardware this took several weeks. Taking on the task of the technical and the evaluation Leads, progress was slow and sometimes discouraging, gathering content for the center was truly an uplifting task.  To see and hear different ideas from community members helped the centre progress on.  Surveys were conducted and all the information gathered was prioritized, and used on the centre’s website. All the computers have been updated and networked to an internet connection.  Members, young and older, have made visits to use the centre.  Lately another community member has shown interest in helping and taking on the role of the evaluation lead.  Together, we have set the goal of creating a web page for the centre.

The centre’s launch date was on May 21, 2008. In attendance that day were a UBC team representative, a Council member and members of the local ?akisqnuk First Nation.Staff consisted of one evaluation lead, one technical lead, with an appointed supervisor. Weekly communications were done by using the internet, phone, and post.
The site did previously house different educational projects. Since then a lot of upgrades have been done, one physical accessibility is still in the works.

January 2012, the Learning Centre is no longer in operation, instead the space of the former CLC was converted to house the Public Works, Water Quality Monitoring, and the IT and computer Department(s).