?Akisqnuk Health Centre


email: pnicholas@akisqnuk.org

The ?akisqnuk Health Resource Centre opened in 1998.  It is located by the ?akisqnuk First Nations Band Office in Windermere, British Columbia.  Its purpose is to provide health services to the Ktunaxa/Kinbasket Nation.

The vision of the Health Centre is for a space that would impart an emotive response of holistic health, a feeling of calm, grounding, and connectedness to nature, earth, and sky.  To this end, the building is circular in design and straw bale construction was used.

The Health Centre currently houses a community health nurse, a community health advocate, a community healing coordinator, a social worker and a family councillor, social development worker, early intervention worker, doctor (4 hours a week), Home and community care aides, Ktunaxa/Kinbasket Child and Family supervisor, and a part time support worker.  The focus is on community development using a population health model.  The health and social staff work closely as a team and also work closely with band office departments, such as social housing and education.  Community members, including elders, play an important part in planning programs and a Healthy Community Team meets monthly to explore and address community issues.

A variety of programs are available to all age groups and emphasis is placed on culture and language, celebration and accomplishment.

The Health Resource Centre now focuses on the communities of ?Akisqnuk and Shuswap and off reserve aboriginals.  It also offers models of programming to other communities within the Nation.


?Akisqnuk Health Centre Staff:

Patsy Nicholas, Director of Health Programmes.                                                                     

Danny Burgoyne, Resident Care Aide.

Kathy Clarke, Community Health Nurse.

Dr. Shannon Page and assistant Debbie Atwood, bi-weekly attending Doctor and assistant.


Ktunaxa/Kinbasket Child & Family Services Society Staff:

Eva Coles, Manager of Family Support and Protection Program.

Dusty Dehart, Reconnection Worker.

Donna Bone, Social Worker.

Angelle Colli, Family Support Worker.

Lorena Tegart, Administrative Assistant for Child and Family services.

Phone: 1-250-342-6379,  Fax: 1-250-342-6279,  Family Services, 1-250-342-6322

Email ltegart@ktunaxa.org



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